Home Remodeling

Our client purchased an outdated and crumbling condominium in the Santa Monica area to give it extra charm and raise the property value before putting it back on the market. The space near the beach begged for natural materials and a light, airy feeling. We worked with our client to create a beachy vibe, including updates to the kitchen cabinets, appliances, floors, bedrooms, bathrooms, and balcony. Extra seating was created by adding a long bench stretching the length of the wall opposite the kitchen with added tables. The minimalist design allows the new owner to execute their ideas without much disturbance. With our planning, execution, and attention to detail, we have turned this property into a beautiful, charming home sold at $300,000 over the asking price. 

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Home Remodel

One Room

Home Remodel

Three Rooms

Home Remodel

Five Rooms


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