6 Ways to Dramatically Reinvent Your Walls

Walls form the foundation of every decorating project and can dramatically transform your space. If you want to spice up your space, painted drywall may not be your choice. Here are some treatment options to impress your guests.

Wallpaper is making a big comeback in the last several years. From jungle prints, romantic florals, and graphic shapes, wallpaper has exploded in recent years and can be seen on shelves, in closets and bookshelves, as framed art, and of course, on walls. It is a great way to bring a dramatic effect to your home. Some patterns and shapes can be intense. So, consider the design’s scope and repeat plus the size of the room you are covering. Dramatic motifs work better in smaller spaces.

Floral Wallpaper in Bedroom

Shiplap and Paneling
With the reemergence of mid-century furniture in interior design, wood paneling is becoming popular again. It can be a sophisticated way to bring warmth and elegance to a room. Wood paneling can go either contemporary or a more traditional mid-century style, depending on the stain and spacing of the panels.

Shiplap is a type of cladding that has become a popular way to bring a rustic feel to the interior of a home. With its rugged lines and craftsmanship style, it works for any room. Shiplap installed vertically will bring height to the walls, making the space feel larger than it is.

Shiplap Wall in Bathroom
Wood Paneling in Kitchen

Finished Millwork and Molding
Molding is one way to make a room appear more formal, such as a dining or living room. Millwork is typically used for architectural effects and can include built-in headboards, shelving units, and raised wood detailing. Molding and Millwork can make a remarkable impact on your room.

Millwork Walls in Den
Finished Millwork in Den

Plaster and Stucco
Plaster is a material you can apply directly to drywall with a trowel in place of water-based paint. Trowels are a magnificent tool for spreading the finishing layers on your project and can fix any uneven areas you notice. Both take pigments well, which makes them available in a wide array of colors. The color of plaster and stucco is dimensional and variating compared to water-based paint, which is uniform. There are many options for the shine factor, ranging from a matte finish to super high gloss like Venetian plaster. You can also customize the texture to your desire. The surface can go from smooth to highly texturized. Plaster and stucco can quickly help you achieve an earthy and grounded vibe in your home.

Plaster Walls
Stucco Walls

Accent Walls
There is no end to the colorful and textural projects you can undertake regarding accent walls. You can create a stone wall or buy 3D panels for your room. You can decoratively paint one wall or several walls. Use natural and engineered stones on walls other than only in kitchens and bathrooms. Slabs come in so many colors, shapes, and sizes that you can create a visual statement using varying styles, colors, and patterns.
There is a luxurious feel to a room with fabric on the walls. Cloth, linen, silk, tapestries, or even a rug, all work to bring elegance to a room. Different materials give character and grain to a room.

Stone Wall in Bedroom
Texturized Wall in Bathroom
Fabric Walls in Bedroom

Art on Walls
Mix and match eclectic frames of all shapes and sizes. Different encasings will give your wall personality without making it feel dated. Geometric and Monochromatic prints will give your room depth and draw your visitor’s eyes directly to the wall. Different and bold patterns can express your personality. Do a mirror wall to make your room feel bigger instantly. Frame your favorite book covers to hang if you are a bookworm. If you love to travel, you can consider framing maps for a lovely geographic motif.

Mix and Match Frames

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