We contract and build unique solutions tailored to our clients’ individual lives.

Craftsmanship, artistry, and custom work are the core of our business.

Whether you’re establishing an office or transforming a home, we work across residential and commercial spheres to bring our clients the very best in design and construction.

Led by Founder and CEO Chen Turgeman, Manchen Construction has successfully completed over 100 design and build projects since being established in 2018c. 

Our ‘Art of Construction’ philosophy melds the creative spirit of inspired design with the technical expertise of advanced carpentry to deliver sophisticated and one-of-a-kind results

“Every project we take on is an opportunity to build something magnificent. The scope can be as small as a remodeled closet or as vast as an entire estate. In every case, we seek to strike the perfect balance of form, function, and individual expression.”

Chen Turgeman, Founder & CEO

MALIBU COLONY - California

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Founder & CEO


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Our Core

We believe it’s critical that you feel confident throughout the process of crafting a new space.

Every decision is made with cooperation, communication, and thoughtfulness, every step of the way. 

We have found that transparency, quality, and diligence are the key components of successful projects that our clients are delighted to share with friends and family. 

Share the details of your project with us. Trust us with your vision, and experience the joy of seeing it come to life.