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We invited Los Angeles-based Interior Designer Charles Feuilherade of Design CF to be a guest speaker on our blog. When it comes to hanging wall art, he is an aficionado. https://www.designcf.com/

What is the most important aspect of art?

Charles: “Art is very personal, so you should have a story behind it. Be ready to give your guests the background behind the piece such as, who the artist is, if you bought it while traveling, when you got it and why you loved it.  Display large and treasured pieces prominently.”

Prominent Art Piece

How do you like to display art?

“Sometimes art can be displayed as-is without the need to reframe if purchased from an antique store or flea market. Often, the beauty of the piece is the frame itself. In these cases, nothing needs to be done. Otherwise, consider swapping out the frame with something different and interesting. An old oil painting from a flea market find can be framed in a newer more contemporary frame.”

Mix and Match Frames
Beautiful Gallery Wall Art

“On occasion, when you find art, the frame can be removed, and the art stands alone and there is no need to frame it. Try leaning a larger piece of art against a wall or mantle and there is no need to hang it. Art can be the focal point of the room and becomes the topic of conversation. You want the art and the way it’s displayed to initiate conversation.”

Art Leaning Against a Wall

What patterns do you use when hanging art?

“If you are hanging a series of prints that are the same subject, i.e., botanical prints, consider a
grid format so the art becomes an installation. Let’s say you have a diverse
collection of pieces, consider creating a wall gallery. Place several pieces of
sizes, shapes, colors, and frames to create a random pattern, for instance, an antique picture in a gold frame next to a black and white photograph. Juxtapose old and new for an exciting and different wall gallery. You can also integrate sculptures or metal pieces into your art installation by placing the prints around the statue or metal.

Botanical Prints in Gallery
Art Hanging with Sculptures
Gallery Wall Art

Are there rooms that get largely overlooked when it comes to art?


“Don’t forget the bathroom! Fun, interesting, and quirky pieces make for a lively bathroom or a perfect addition to a powder room.”

Art Hanging in Bathroom

What should you avoid when hanging art?

“There is nothing worse than a print hanging too high. Do not do this! You’ll want the large piece to be 5 or 6 inches above a mantle, console, or sofa.”

Remember, the only rule to hanging art is “not too high.’ Otherwise, have fun with it.

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