Custom Cabinets

Let us help you design, manufacture, and install custom cabinets using the perfect materials and finish. We'll tailor custom cabinets to your kitchen or any other room in your home.



From sketch to solution, we work with you every step of the way to discuss, design, craft, and install custom cabinets in your space. Whether it's adding storage in the kitchen pantry or constructing a new bookshelf in the office, our experts offer tailored designs, excellent craftsmanship, and precise installation.

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why custom?

Don't limit yourself to store-bought options

With custom cabinetry, you have access to endless materials, finishes, and details that can be tailored specifically to your kitchen, office, bathroom or bedroom.


Finding the perfect color, the ideal texture, and a style that complements your room’s look are core to how we tailor-make our cabinetry. Our experts craft cabinets with distinctive design details.


While store-bought solutions are offered only in standard size, we use precise engineering and build to order. No fillers, no dead spaces, just cuts that seamlessly wrap around your room’s features.

Selecting Materials


The place within the cabinet, where you store items, is called a cabinet box. The shape of the box is dependent on what you plan to store and where the cabinet is located.


The front of the cabinet, the part that opens and swings shut, is the face. They come in several varieties, the most popular of which are Face-Frame Euro Cabinets, Standard Face-Frame Cabinets, Flush Inset Cabinets, and 32mm European Cabinets.


Top-quality hinges and hardware add a level of detail to any room. Selecting the right hardware can add years of use to your cabinetry and new silhouettes to your home.

options for box & face materials

Real Wood


Particle Board



Panel Options for Facings





kitchen remodeling


Finish options for faces

Oil-Based Stain

Water-Based Stain


interior design


Solid Colors

ensuring a custom fit

We use precise engineering to craft our custom cabinets.

You don’t have to settle for good enough with off-the-shelf solutions. Our experts will focus on constructing the ideal solution for your particular space.

custom fitted options

Beyond the basics, custom fit allows us to craft distinct details, including:

interior design

Built-in closet

Trash & recycling drawers

Floating cabinets & shelves

Pullout shelving

Spice storage

custom cabinets can be installed around the house

kitchen remodeling

spice drawer

interior design

kitchen pantry

interior design

living room storage

home improvement and remodeling

entertainment built-in

interior design

built-in closet

home improvement and remodeling

office cabinets

home improvement and remodeling

mud room storage

garage storage

why manchen?

Faster lead time

We will start sooner and leave you with a finished project quicker.

Work divided by stages

This means you’ll still have access to vital areas like your kitchen, even during construction.

Custom Designs

We will take into account the look you’re after and create a new design that works seamlessly with your space.

"Chen, the owner, exemplifies everything you'd want in someone demolishing (and then rebuilding, of course) a third of your home. He's skilled, polite, patient, and incredibly detail-oriented. But most importantly, he values integrity and runs his entire business with great care and honesty...which means (a) he'll never nickel-and-dime or try to upsell you, (b) he'll respect you, your home, and your shared working relationship enough to correct issues when warranted, and (c) since he takes great pride in his work, that same care is also apparent in every member of his team."

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You just accomplished the first step of improving your property. Visit our portfolio for inspiration on what we’ll build together.