Historical Minimalism

We revitalized a historic Spanish-style home in Pasadena's San Marino neighborhood for a newly engaged couple. With custom cabinetry, elegant stone, and tile work, we blended timeless charm with modern functionality.

Nestled in the picturesque San Marino neighborhood of Pasadena, a charming Spanish-style historic home underwent a transformative renovation tailored for a newly engaged couple. Retaining the home’s original charm, we set out to remove the dated remnants of the 90s era while preserving its timeless appeal.

From a builder’s perspective, our role extended beyond mere renovation to a comprehensive overhaul. Custom cabinetry became a cornerstone of the project, providing bespoke solutions that seamlessly integrated with the home’s heritage. Additionally, our expertise in custom stone and tile work brought a touch of elegance to every corner, elevating the aesthetic and functionality of the space.

Structural adjustments were a significant aspect of the renovation, necessitating careful planning and execution. Despite the challenges posed by these modifications, our team’s adept handling ensured the project stayed on track, culminating in completion well ahead of the promised deadline.

As the project progressed, it served as a pivotal moment for our firm, marking a significant leap in our planning and execution capabilities. This undertaking not only demonstrated our proficiency in handling intricate renovations but also instilled confidence in tackling larger-scale projects in the future.

The reconfiguration of spaces was a testament to our commitment to maximizing functionality while honoring the home’s heritage. The kitchen’s relocation to the former dining room, coupled with the transformation of the former kitchen into a pantry and dining nook, exemplified our innovative approach to space utilization. Furthermore, repurposing a bedroom into the main bath and walk-in closet showcased our ability to adapt to the evolving needs of our clients seamlessly.

Amidst these structural changes, our design philosophy remained rooted in tradition, with a muted tonal palette inspired by Old World materials lending a timeless elegance to the home. The juxtaposition of refined traditional details with a cleaner aesthetic encapsulated the essence of the renovation, seamlessly bridging the past with the future.

In essence, this project symbolized not only a restoration of a historic home but also a revitalization of our firm’s capabilities. It stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and our readiness to undertake even more ambitious endeavors in the future.


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