Modern Mediterranean

In collaboration with interior designer Natalie Myers of Veneer Designs, we transformed a dated 1960s ranch house into a modern coastal retreat with Mediterranean and contemporary elements. Custom cabinetry, stonework, and arches added elegance, reflecting the client's refined taste.

In Natalie’s words: “Embarking on an ambitious endeavor, we set out to transform a dated 1960s ranch house, complete with a structurally questionable second-floor addition, into the modern coastal retreat envisioned by a young couple. Guided by a vision of elegance and functionality, our aim was to seamlessly blend Mediterranean influences with contemporary design elements, all while addressing the structural challenges posed by the existing framework.

From a builder’s perspective, this project demanded ingenuity and precision at every turn. Custom cabinetry played a pivotal role in optimizing space and functionality, while bespoke stone and tile work added a layer of opulence to every room. Despite the complexities of structural adjustments, our team navigated the challenges with finesse, ensuring the project remained on schedule and within budget.

However, beyond the technical aspects, this project marked a significant turning point for our firm. During its execution, our principal, Chen Turgeman, came to a profound realization: Manchen’s firm had veered away from its original vision. Fueled by a commitment to excellence, Chen made the bold decision to part ways with his previous business partner, realigning the firm with its core values of quality over quantity. This pivotal moment reaffirmed our dedication to serving clients who value craftsmanship and are willing to invest in the transformation of their homes into works of art.

The renovation itself was a labor of love, spanning almost two years and culminating in its completion in 2023. Throughout this journey, every detail was meticulously curated to reflect the couple’s refined taste and worldly sensibilities. Curves, in the form of arches, cutouts, and intricate design elements such as the bar and kitchen island corners, served as a nod to the home’s original Spanish-style architecture, while infusing the interiors with a timeless Mediterranean charm.

Luxe stone and gold-toned accents were thoughtfully incorporated, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication that resonated with the owners’ discerning style. The result was a harmonious fusion of coastal living and cosmopolitan flair, where every space exuded warmth, elegance, and a sense of effortless luxury.

In essence, this project not only transformed a house but also served as a catalyst for the evolution of our firm. It reaffirmed our commitment to craftsmanship and client-centric service, setting the stage for a new chapter focused on delivering unparalleled excellence in every project we undertake.


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