Remodeling Your Bathroom: Tips and Ideas

Home is where you go to recharge, relax, and unplug from the world. Every detail should fulfill you in every room. Our goal is to help you meet and exceed all of your expectations in your renovation.

The first step in any home renovation project is to create a budget and decide how flexible you are with that cost. For instance, are you willing to spend a bit more for the exact styles and features you want in your project? Or is this a hard-line budget?

Stone Tiles in New Bathroom Remodel

Make a wish list and include what you don’t like about your bathroom currently. Think about the most significant changes you want to make. Do you need more space, storage, more light fixtures, or a new shower and toilet? Does the layout need a change? Do you prefer a tub, shower, or both? You can add a half wall to separate the toilet from the rest. The design options are endless.

Decide what style evokes the feeling you want when walking into your new bathroom. You can go for a spa feel, eco-friendly, or industrial feel.

Moroccan Inspired Bathroom Remodel

Storage in your bathroom is key to the overall style and function. Cabinets will help hide away the toiletries and create more counter space for a decluttered look. You can add shelves for more storage without taking up any additional space.

Here are some ideas to help you create the most deluxe bathroom of your dreams.

Free Standing Tubs
Free-standing tubs are the perfect solution to a long tiring day at the office. Relax and take a long soak in a bubble bath or read a book. A free-standing tub is more comfortable and gives bathrooms a sleek and modern feel. It creates a focal point of the entire room and catches your eye immediately.

Free Standing Stone Bathtub in Bathroom with Wooden Walls and Tile Flooring

Colorful and Different Patterned Tiles
New technology allows tile manufacturers to create all kinds of contemporary designs with tiles in different colors, shapes, and graphics. If you want to make an exciting and animated space in your bathroom, look for tiles in geometric, arabesque, chevron, or elongated shapes. No longer just for flooring, tiles can spice up the backsplash in your bathroom, shower walls, or ceilings.

Large Master Bathroom with Claw Foot Tub and Pendant Light Above
Beautiful Emerald Gree Ceramic Tiles in Bathroom

Fireplace in the bathroom
Fireplaces are traditionally used in dens, bedrooms, and family rooms. Soaking in the bathtub in front of a fireplace sounds luxurious and calming. You may want to opt for an electric fireplace rather than the ordinary wood-burning fireplaces due to air quality, safety and maintenance because the bathroom is traditionally a smaller room in homes. An electric fireplace will deliver ambiance and mood without the mess of a wood-burning fireplace.

Modern Bathroom with Electric Fireplace Couch photo created by wirestock –

Copper or Stainless-Steel Tubs
Both copper and steel bathtubs can offer a unique aesthetic and become the focal point of your bathroom. Both metals are attractive and highly durable, making them worth the added cost.

Copper is perhaps the most appealing and elegant type of tub. The rich color of copper gives it a beautiful finish that evolves, called a living finish. As copper ages, it interacts with its environment, and the tone deepens over time. It is easy to clean and has antimicrobial properties, meaning bacteria cannot live on its surface for longer than a couple of hours. Copper has the unique ability to heal itself, so if it gets a scratch, the living finish will cause the blemish to darken and blend in. Copper holds and maintains heat well, making it a self-indulgent escape.

This Bathroom has a Copper Bathtub, Brick Wall that Leads to the Shower.
Copper Soaking Tub in Bathroom

Stainless steel bathtubs are stunning and have a robust and polished look. Like copper, it is durable, and the finish will remain beautiful over the years. It also has a self-healing property meaning it doesn’t need a coat to protect it. Stainless steel has hygienic characteristics making it very popular in sterile environments. Steel is less expensive than copper, but it is still a luxury item.

Industrial Loft Style Bathroom.

Wood in Bathrooms
Wooden walls, floors, and showers are a great way to make your bathroom feel warm and inviting, like a spa. These earthy tones couple nicely with green and blue colors, light and dark. Earthy tones bring a sense of balance and increase relaxation because of the feeling of nature and wellness it gives us.

Wooden Walls in Bathroom
Contemporary Minimalist Bathroom with Wooden Walls.

Marble in Bathrooms
Marble brings a sense of opulence to any bathroom. You can do floor-to-ceiling marble walls or have marble countertops, sinks, or a shower. Marble instantly creates an elegant look and feel. Marble feels fresh and clean, which is a great feeling for a bathroom.

Marble in Bathroom
A Large Luxury White Marble Lined Bathroom with a large Oval Bath.

Jungle Themed Bathrooms
Bring the outdoors in by adding plants to your bathroom or create a little outdoor cubicle where your tub will go with skylights. This way, you will have the natural light you need to have live plants instead of artificial. Plants bring a serene look to the room and increase oxygen levels. Plus, there is just something pleasing about bathing outdoors.

Luxury Interior Tropical Bathroom with Outdoor Bathtub

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